Monday, February 12, 2007

Introductions are overrated.

What happens when three hardcore LiveJournal users whose personalities are as different as their journals get together to make a group blog, actually on blogger for a class?

Ashley is the sort of gal who keeps a personal blog. She posts updates whenever she feels it necessary about her life, her problems, and the occasional link that amuses her. She would like, one day, to be better at updating on a regular basis, and so far that only seems to be working with some prodding from her peers to do so.

Frost posts her art bi-weekly. These also come with a little story to go with them. The stories range from cute little drabbles to deeply personal and revealing anecdotes about her life and the people in it. Frost's art varies from simple line art pieces in pencil to markered works to things coloured in Photoshop. From time to time, she takes requests "if they're interesting enough".

Meanwhile, Reg doesn't trust her hit or miss art skills to draw things to go with her updates. Instead, she takes prompts from things like her writing books, the prompt_a_day community on LJ, and suggestions from her friends and writes creatively for a few hundred words. They're always one shot stories, but seem to switch from fiction to non-fiction on a pretty consistent basis. Reg, much like Ashley, updates whenever the muse strikes her to write because she feels that it would be unproductive to force creativity.

So what does happen when these three get together to write a class blog?

Only time will tell.

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