Thursday, February 15, 2007

a day late and a dollar short

You know, I'd apologise for being a day late on the update schedule, but it would seem that I wasn't the only one who 'forgot'1. As it turns out we were supposed to update, I think, about the readings we were supposed to be doing for Monday. Academic blogs and what not. And while that's all fine and dandy, I sat back and thought about it and realized that there wasn't any real point in doing that. Message boards are, essentially, blogging in a forum like setting2.

So while we're already doing a D2L posting on this, it's hard to imagine that we should have to be so lazy as to essentially copy/paste (because who is going to want to retype the same post all over again) the information into a blog instead? "Not I," said the little brown dog.

Here's what I propose then. If we have to update this blog, then so be it! I have no problem with maintaining now...too many areas for communication with the outside world via a digital medium. The problem I do have is with redundancy. The class is open and flexible enough, why not simply use the blog for good or for awesome or for whatever the mood strikes us to write about?

In the spirit of at least posting some links, like Rebecca Blood says we ought to be doing, and entirely not in the same vein as the rest of this post. The Yarn Harlot has an awesome Valentine's Day post that I think the two of you would get a kick out of even if Frost already has read it.

1 - Okay, I didn't forget. I ended up sitting staring at an empty white box for an hour before I went, 'I have no idea what to write' and closed it.
2 - Or blogging is just message boarding by yourself, take your pick.


Ashley said...

My understanding was that the small group blogs are taking the place of the class blog. So, whatever we'd previously be posting there, we'd now post here. And that's it.

The posting schedule in retrospect confuses me. Is it supposed to apply to this blog or our personal blogs that we're each keeping for class? Either way I doubt the usefullness of even having such a schedule. I write when inspiration strikes and being required to post twice a week is really more than enough of a challenge for me right now.

Frost said...

Schedules are like plans for failure.

I should really keep to one.

But, you know. Life is hard, guys.

As Ashley says, I think we're supposed to post the same sort of thing that we would have on the class blog--except a smaller blog allows for more.. personilization, if you will.

We'll probably reply more, and all that.

Still, I never knew what was supposed to go on the class blog anyway.