Friday, March 2, 2007

Of cabbages with wings

So Frost and I are currently making our slow and tedious way back to home from Chicago.We left an hour and a half ago now and still have yet to make it past the Wisconsin/Illinois border. Fanfreakingtastic, no? We had a couple misadventures that will be updated about later once I'm actually at a computer and not on Frost's badass phone. This is actually fairly tedious to do if you're not used to it...which I'm not. So I apologise for any errors in grammar and spelling. The keys are supah tiny and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing here.Someone sprayed some the air and it's really making my sinuses hurt. It might be a flowery breeze, but it's unnecessary for the bus.Anyway! We had a fairly good time despite the getting lost and the snow and the cold.and the wet. And we just passed the site of the Bristol Renaissance we should be back to campus in about an hour to 45 minutes. Woot! I'm going to let you go now oh blog audience that isn't currently napping next to me. We shall have more details about today's adventures (or misadventures if you will) later on!

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Frost said...

I will admit that it was a pretty nice nap. You know, for being on a bus that seemed determined to drive slow enough so that we could feel every bump and crevace in the road.

Barring that, it was a wonderful nap.